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New Reaper Realise 5.50

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Il 16 Settembre 2017 La cockos Rilascia la nuova versione di REAPER 5.50 -> DOWNLOAD

Alcune delle principali novita sono:

-Automation Items

-Pooled duplicate Automation Items

-Automation Item LFO generator

-Envelope initial value

-Metronome Triplet beats

-Spectral Editing

Qui la lista completa delle aggiunte della nuova versione

+ Actions: automatically make capitalization consistent for non-localized action description strings

+ Audio: allow frequencies up to 100MHz when using dummy audio driver
+ Audio: avoid changing device samplerate to default samplerate when loading projects
+ Audio: add option to flash transport status yellow on possible audio device underrun
+ Audio: improve various playback/recording behaviors when using background project tabs
+ Automation items: add automation item support, to contain, move, and transform portions of envelopes
+ Automation items: items mask the baseline envelope, but overlapping items all affect playback
+ Automation items: items may be pooled or unpooled, looped, stretched, skewed, and phase-shifted
+ Automation items: items may be named, saved, and loaded
+ Automation items: support separate baseline, amplitude, and looping for individual instances of pooled automation items
+ Automation items: alt+drag in envelope lane (by default) to draw automation items
+ Automation items: add automation item and automation item edge mouse modifier contexts
+ Automation items: add actions to insert, duplicate, split glue, delete, etc
+ Automation: prevent latency adjustment when playback is stopped
+ Configuration: support import/export of more configuration files
+ Envelopes: add envelope lane mouse modifier context, deprecate preference to respect envelope segment modifiers in envelope lane
+ Envelopes: remove envelope lane click mouse modifier context, add envelope lane double-click context
+ Envelopes: add mouse modifier to freehand draw envelope points respecting snap
+ Envelopes: add actions to reverse envelope points, reduce number of points by half, insert envelope point ignoring snap
+ Envelopes: fix a few non-working send envelope menu items
+ Envelopes: add option to prevent mouse edits of single envelope points from moving past other envelope points
+ Envelopes: preserve envelope curvature during "move envelope segment preserving edge points" edit
+ Envelopes: preserve envelope curvature when moving points with media items, or within time selection
+ Envelopes: preserve envelope curvature at time selection edges when initiating envelope segment edit within time selection
+ Envelopes: improve behavior when freezing/unfreezing with send and pre-fx envelopes
+ Envelopes: fix initial value when auto-adding FX parameter envelope
+ FX: improve support for wet/bypass/VST3 parameter IDs on MIDI learn, TCP knobs
+ FX: do not auto-increase track channel count when loading FX chains that have multichannel FX but were saved from stereo tracks
+ FX: fix potential bugs relating to bypass/wet envelopes when loading automation and FX parameter counts change
+ FX: fix issues related to user-preset navigation
+ FX: add ReaCast, a shoutcast/icecast source plug-in
+ FX: improve ReaEQ/ReaXcomp analyzer accuracy
+ FX: fix project save of JSFX preset names that contain spaces
+ FX: add mix-in and auto-update options to allow some spectral smearing capabilities for JSFX spectral_hold
+ FX: improve display updates for some JSFX scripts
+ Grid: sanitize grid values on project load/entry
+ LAME: bundle libmp3lame 3.99.5
+ MIDI: restore keyboard focus to piano roll after changing CC lane via dropdown
+ MIDI: fix action to explode MIDI by pitch (and some related behaviors)
+ MIDI: fix project MIDI export when project start time is not zero
+ MIDI: fix project MIDI export SMPTE time when using ND timecode
+ MIDI editor: handle click on track title exactly like a click on the activate icon in the MIDI track list
+ Metronome: support triplets in metronome pattern
+ NINJAM: improve cross-platform compatibility of clipsort.log import
+ Notation editor: fix PDF export when "bracket tracks by folder" option enabled
+ Notation editor: preserve notation for non-displayed notes when edits are made with channel filter active
+ Pan: allow very small track pans in fine adjustment mode
+ Pan: display sub-1% pans with increased precision
+ Pan: decrease media item properties pan snap-to-center threshold
+ ReaScript: improve undo/update behavior for InsertTrackAtIndex(), DeleteTrack()
+ ReaScript: avoid setting console focus on reaper.ShowConsoleMsg("")
+ ReaScript: improve display updates for some scripts
+ Sends: set focus for temporary single-send adjustment windows
+ Spectrogram: add spectral editing support, action to insert new edit regions
+ Theme: fix incorrect separators with grouped tracks
+ Undo: improve undo efficiency
+ Undo: automatically make capitalization consistent for non-localized undo point description strings
+ Undo: fix behavior when reordering FX with automation
+ Undo: fix behavior with FX TCP parameters and learn
+ Undo: fix parameter modulation settings
+ Undo: fix behavior when modifying stretch markers via swing grid
+ VST: support VST3 extended functionality with Softube Console 1
+ VST: improve macOS bundleExit VST3 compatibility
+ VST: improve resize behavior of various plug-ins
+ VST: send 10 channel speaker arrangements as user-defined
+ VST: use VST3 parameter IDs for tracking envelopes/parameter modulation across sessions
+ Video: fix rounding behavior with alpha-blended gfx_xformblit/gfx_deltablit
+ Web Interface: add fancier.html
+ Windows: increase FLS slots available on x64 for improved plug-in compatibility
+ Windows: support receiving ASIO overload notifications
+ macOS: add CoreAudio option to ignore project samplerate
+ macOS: support receiving CoreAudio overload notifications
+ macOS: improve scroll behavior of non-REAPER windows on 10.11+
+ macOS: improve mixer drag and drop behavior
+ macOS: preserve parameter modulation window position when auto-resizing

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